Fredrick St. Project

Project Description

Location: 110 Frederick Street Greenville, SC

Description: 110 Frederick was built in 1962 as an office and distribution building in what was then the suburbs of Greenville. Over the years the use of the building migrated from warehouse and office to a back office function with heavy computer equipment then back to warehouse and eventually, during the great recession to a vacant structure. The buildings use followed the neighborhood as the City continued its rapid growth Frederick Street was no longer a suburb but “in” the City and the function for which it was built had long ago moved out of the city to a more functional industrial building.

Renovation Details

Renovation of a 1960’s former industrial building into a one story office building:

In 2014 Blue Wall together with its partners acquired the building and began an aggressive renovation of the building to reposition it as a highly functional efficient office building with loading capability. Technology and media companies in the market were in need of one story efficient space that allowed for open systems office environment with high density employee counts while at the same time a desirable environment that fostered collaboration and kept employee morale high.

Shortly after acquisition two tenants were signed that together leased up the entire building. 110 Frederick was renovated to allow for common core of bathrooms and circulation hallways so the property could accommodate multiple tenants now and for the foreseeable future. A new roof, windows, HVAC system, bathrooms and extensive site work together with an attractive upgrade of the exterior gave 110 Frederick not only a new positon in the market, but also changed an eyesore into an attractive building the City now points to with pride as part of the return of the older suburbs into a thriving neighborhood within the City.