McBee Avenue Project

Project Description

Description: Central Business District
Location: Greenville, SC
Description: Renovation of an early 20th century manufacturing building into the reginal headquarters of a bank

The former manufacturing building which was constructed as a two story reinforced concrete building, was adapted to offices in the mid-1980s. Blue Wall acquired the property after the last tenant moved out and essentially removed the entire 1980s renovation, including the windows, and reduced the building to its concrete frame.

Shortly after closing on the acquisition Blue Wall signed a long term lease with a regional bank for the entire building as both an operating branch and local headquarters. Blue Wall used state and federal tax credits to help offset the tremendous costs of renovating the building, thereby making it economically feasible to renovate.

After extensive construction that included a new roof, new HVAC and building systems, completely new site development, open ceilings that reveal the original concrete structure and full height windows that replicated the original windows when the building was built as a factory, the bank moved into the building.

Through Blue Wall’s efforts an important building that is a part of the architectural landscape of the Greenville CBD was returned to its historic appearance while being repurposed as a brand new office environment. At the same time the building has provided very solid returns for its ownership and has been returned to the real estate market as a viable urban in fill property.